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Roslyn Loxton - Friday, August 08, 2014


In business and in all life - Being In Flow Matters

a mental state of operation where the person is fully immersed in what they are doing by feeling an energised focus, full involvement and success in the process of the activity.  It is a state of supreme creativity.

Great Thinking Sharing concepts…

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It requires a balance of 2 things 

  1. Be happy where you are now and 
  2. Having an inspiring vision for the future

4 States we can be in:

1. The negative Spiral

You are not happy and you have no vision of where you want to be

you focus on where you don’t want to be and you spiral into depression

2. Current reality trap

Happy now with no vision of the future

difficult to contribute and grow - no sense of fulfilment

we need to contribute and grow as opposed to being happy in mediocrity - it doesn’t last

3. Stress and anxiety

not happy now but big visions for the future

visions and thinking big

can’t function with ultimate impact if you are being blocked by negative emotional states

4. In Flow

Happy now and have grand dreams for the future

Thought plus emotion equals attraction - Bob Proctor

The paradox of intention - have goals but don’t be too tied to the goals.  Be happy in the journey, not the destination.  Notice when flow happens and change your life to make it happen more often.  Make a conscious effort to stay in flow.


Your passions are the breadcrumbs that lead you on your path to your destiny

If you do not enjoy what you are doing, flow will not occur.  You can’t magnify your impact.

If you are in any business and you don’t enjoy what you do - GET OUT

Sometimes you have to destroy your life as you know it to let the next big thing happen.

Ten tactics to keep IN FLOW in business


Daily gratitude - what you appreciate appreciates 

(scientists have found that expressing gratitude makes your happiness go up 25%)

Awesomeness reports - cool stories of things employees did in or outside of work

(the bell of awesomeness that can only be rung in moments in sheer and total awesomeness)  Start small and grow it as people get better and more engaged.

Share profits with employees go straight to employees.  People are aligned with company goals.  Start small.  Test and experiment until you land on what works best.

(nothing happens until you have a dream and you start thinking big)

Sweet sugar love machine people flourish on praise - send gifts and praise to each other

45 - 5 Rule - work hours a week - be productive - 5 of those hours are spent learning new stuff. 5 hours paid to learn outside of work.  Teaching people to put aside execution and learn.  Marketing, meditation and mindset.

Weekly sharing and training - peers share their knowledge.  You learn from teaching

Group meditation - the entire company does a guided meditation on what the next 6 months looks like.  Raise peoples vision for the future which is a part of being in flow

Company sponsored fun - yearly celebrations, have lots of parties

(unexpected side effects) bring your smartest friend to the parties and poach these people

Positive Stamina -  only remember the good.  Look past the wrong and create a bold new vision for the future and start again.  Focus on the vision not what went wrong.  New ideas and solutions pop.  Learn to manage your mind so you do not let a negative situation lure you into negativity.

Experiences and connections - the 5 people you hang out with will be the people you become - expose people in your company to brilliant minds to allow people to grow.  Send employees to great conferences, invite people in. 

You are happy when you help other people to be happy - raise emotions and feelings of joy in the present and building a vision for the future. 

The human heart is the most selfish organ in the body.  It takes all the good blood, oxygenated blood.  But the heart needs to be selfish for all of the other organs to live.  You need to be selfish and make sure that your happiness comes first so that you can help others to be happy.

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