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Getting 'THE EDGE'

Roslyn Loxton - Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Results begin with Great Thinking

Getting ‘THE EDGE’ for you, your business and your team

  1. 1.       Do you and your business have clear goals and strategies?                       Yes       No

  2. 2.      Are you and your team aligned and engaged with these goals?                   Yes       No

  3. 3.      Is the culture in your work environment supportive and positive?                  Yes       No

  4. 4.      Do you have great customer loyalty and repeat business?                          Yes       No

  5. 5.      Are you satisfied with you own and your business results?                         Yes       No


Congratulations if you scored 5 out of 5.

Scores of 4 and under indicates that great benefit can be gained by applying a Coaching approach.

Great Thinking Coaching Services has serveral realistically priced and simple to apply coaching services that have immense benefits to you personally, to your business and to your staff/ team

Take Action:  Call Roslyn 07 32191544 or 0400292355 to begin by organising a no obligations free personal analysis

Our ‘at work’ attitude and actions are deeply intertwined with our complex personal drivers and thinking patterns

It is vital to learn what your drivers and patterns are and then learn to manage them well

Who should take action now

·         Buisness Owners

·         Managers/Leaders of teams

·          Individual Professionals

Features of Coaching services

  • ·         Personalised Coaching sessions to establish and suit your specific needs
  • ·         Techniques that facilitate deeper personal awareness and improved emotional fitness
  • ·         Elements to Communication effecting;  Sales results, Customer service, Relationship skills
  • ·         Affordable Price Structure that allows these services to be very accessible
  • ·         Money back satisfaction Guarantee
  • ·         Tax deductions

Benefits of coaching services

  • ·         Become more personally effective with a higher proability of achieving your goals
  • ·         Improved  capacity to function in all relationships, so you are actually happier
  • ·         Create more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want

You are 95% more likely to achieve your goals when aligning with a Coach

Great Results begin with Great Thinking

Contact:  P:  07 3219 1544   M:  0400292355  E:    

Mr ITC is on your side!

Roslyn Loxton - Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr ITC is on your side!

Are you buying or leasing a photocopier?

Did you know that photocopier salespeople can make up

to $100,000 commission on a single deal?

Statisics show only 5% of copier contracts get the best prices

and world-class terms.

Mr ITC consultants come from copier sales backgrounds and

know exactly how these deals work - 95% of the time in favour

of the copier companies and sales people


An easier way to research copier, vendors and finance


We make sure that our clients get the right solution at the

right price from the right copier vendor. We negotiate on your

behalf, saving you time and money.. Guaranteed!

If we can’t save you money, our services are free. However, we

have been able to save customers on average around $10,000

on their deal..

No Obligation, Free consultation

Contact Ryadan today on 0410876 610 or email

to organise a no obligation, free consultation to evalute your

current agreement or negotiate a new one.

Mr ITC brings you the experience and expertise to make

your copier purchase so much easier, and these powerful

services won’t cost you a cent, Guaranteed!

Supporting Great Causes

Roslyn Loxton - Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Exhibition Date Saver

Ubuntu breakfast invitation

Roslyn Loxton - Saturday, May 09, 2009
Your Invitation to this Months Ubuntu Networking Breakfast - Guest Speaker - Ros Loxton

Great Thinking

Getting what you want is knowing what you want

Roslyn Loxton - Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The very act of committing your goals to paper programs them into your subconscious.


Principle 1. Get in touch with what really turns you on

Finding the “right” focus and the right areas in life that you are excited to dedicate your time and energy and life to, will motivate and inspire you toward the fulfilment of your full potential. The “right” goals for you will liberate your imagination and energy, and give you the drive to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that you will experience on the path to your goal. Only big the “right” goals can keep you excited and working enthusiastically every day toward their accomplishment.

Principle 2. Write your goals in the present tense
Your goals must be in writing, in the present tense, as though they already exist. This can be tricky.  Imagine who you are and how you feel once you achieve your goals.  This is how you can write them in the present tense.  Your subconscious only accepts commands that are worded in the present tense, such as, “I weigh 150 pounds,” or “I earn $100,000 per year,” or “I live in a beautiful 3,500-square-foot, custom-designed home.”


Rewrite your goals daily.

Affirm your goals regularly.

Principle 3. Keep your goals in line with your vision.
Your goals must be in balance and cover the three most important areas of your life.

They must be aligned with how your vision your life to ultimately be.

Principle 4. Know your major definite purpose and your life’s vision.
You must decide what your “major definite purpose” is. What are you and your life about. This is the one goal in your life that is more important than any other. This is the one goal that, if accomplished, will allow you to attain more of your other goals.  Align your goals with this and the vision for how you want your life to be ultimately. 


Principle 5.  Stay present. 

Goals and visions while future focused are not meant to detract from your sense of being in the moment and living that moment fully rather then missing out on the present because you are so focused in the future or somewhere else.



success strategy we can all adopt

Roslyn Loxton - Tuesday, March 31, 2009
I love it when you find a different way to say the same thing, and it seems to make more sense to us.  I was reading Health News Digest and I enjoyed the way they explained the following...
We are creatures of habit. In fact, our brain has a center called the Limbic Center, which is the center for our emotions, reinforcements and habits. Have a bad habit? Well, the brain doesn't want us to change it, even if it is a negative behavior and even if it hurts us. How can we start? Start small!

Habits are hard to change. Whatever habit we are trying to make, change or stop, it is hard work. When we start with a small change, one which we know we can do, we set ourselves up for success. And most of us know that one success usually leads to another. When we break down a project into its simple components and start with one component at a time, we usually feel less overwhelmed and this can lead to more motivation and inspiration. I told my client to increase his sleep by starting with only an extra 1/2 hour. Start small.

Motivation grows! As we achieve each small success, we feel empowered to continue. Finally, success is not perfection. Experience a slip, mistake or setback? Let's stop and ask ourselves, what can we learn from it and change? Want to become motivated? Start small and succeed!

Think Positive. Research shows that when we believe in ourselves, when we believe we can do something, we are more likely to do it. When we don't think something is possible, research shows that even when it is, we are much less likely to achieve success. Make it small to achieve a positive outcome!

So, is there something we would like to achieve? Is there one small step we can take to get started which we know we can accomplish? An example of something small would be something concrete such as, "I will replace the butter on my bagel with fresh fruit jam". Notice, I'm not giving up the bagel too at the same time!

So, let's not wait another day to get one small change going at a time. Here's to thinking about what we can do, rather than what we haven't done or should!

Tips and Bits February 09

Roslyn Loxton - Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude toward us

Who do you'think' you are?
Our identity in our own mind is just that, in our own mind!
Our self perception, who we think we are, creates our experience in our life.  We experience life through our own personal filters we unknowingly have developed over time.
We are a physical entity and a thought entity.  Our blood flows, our heart beats our breathing happens as with many other bodily functions, seperate from our thinking.  Our thinking can however and does effect our body, we have a physical experience in accordance with our thoughts.  A very basic one is if we are stressed our body holds tension.
In short, it pays to have useful, productive, healthy thoughts and expectations.  How could a bitter, selfish, unkind, unhappy, self degrogating or hateful thought create a positive physical reality?  How could a negative expectation deliver a positive result?

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life, not so much by what happens to you, but by the way your mind looks at what happens

Tips for solo operators in business

The voices in your head
We have voices in our head non stop.  It is our voice, our thoughts, and if we actually verbalised these thoughts and voices in our head as they occur, we would be viewed by society as insane.  The only thing in life that we really have any control over, is our thoughts.  If we think usefully, positively, with humility and without ego, we can be our own best friend.  It would seem to me that positive, useful, kind hearted thinking may have more chance of creating that type of physical reality as well.

Being organised =  $$$
Global meltdown or not we can always appreciate ways to be more efficient with money, being organised has many financial benefits.  For example you need to make sure you have an effective system for creating and following up invoices.  Never ever be too busy to do this....
Read on:,27753,24902469-5017672,00.html

Benefits of Strength Training:

    * Increases muscular strength
    * Increases strength of tendons and ligaments
    * Improves flexibility & range of motion of joints
    * Reduces body fat and increases lean body mass (muscle mass)
    * Potentially decreases resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure
    * Positive changes in blood cholesterol
    * Improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity
    * Improves strength, balance, and functional ability in older adults
    * Raises your metabolism which causes you to burn more calories 24 hours a day
    * Reverses the natural ageing process which begins around age 30, such as muscle wasting, slowing of metabolism, poor   posture etc.
    * Energizes the rest of your day after your workout.
    * Improves your muscular endurance.
    * Makes you less prone to lower-back injuries and pain.
    * Decreases your risk of developing adult onset diabetes.
    * Decreases your gastrointestinal transit time, reducing your risk for developing colon cancer.
    * Improves your posture.
    * Improves the functioning of your immune system.
    * Lowers your resting heart rate, a sign of a more efficient heart.
    * Elevates your mood


is your main goal for February?
First of all, you need to write it down
and schedule in the steps it takes to make it happen
Here is  a great tip to help you do that -

 It's not a matter of luck, circumstances or fate,  but a direct consequence of having specific measurable goals with a plan of action to achieve them.

Great Thinking Recipe- Turkey Lasagne
It's really yummy
(turkey mince costs much less then chicken mince)
I know, it sounds weird!!!
500g turkey mince
egg plant
sweet potato
wholemeal lasagne sheets

sesame oil
2 -3 cups milk (I use lactaide as dairy free option)
Chicken stock
vegetable stock
1 1/2 cups water
parmesan cheese

White sauce:
Add milk and 4 tablespoons of wholemeal flour and 1 tablespoon of vegetable stock and stir until thickend
Pre heat oven to 200 degree C and prepare/oil a lasagne dish
In a saucepan:
Fry diced onion in a splash of olive oil, add turkey mince and the a tablespoon of sesame oil then add water with a table spoon of chicken stock mixed into it.
Slice  approximately 2m thick, egg plant, zucinni, sweet potato and lightly fry to slightly precook.
First lay down sheets of lasagne, then the turkey mince, then more lasagne eggplant then more lasagne sheets, then sweet potato and zucchini then more lasagne sheets and then pour over the white sauce and sprinkle lightly with some grated parmesan.

Bake for approx 30 mins

Laughter - lifes medicine
Cheeky monkey - funny clip

Great Thinking - with Ros Loxton

The absolute best time and money you can ever spend is on self improvement/growth
Learn how you tick, how to get more out of yourself and your life
How to bridge the gap between what you have and what you want

Sharpen your personal tools 
Stretch yourself beyond your normal activities and either call or email Ros to organize a Coaching for Clarity and Focus session
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Contact details:   m:0400 292 355

The Initiative   Watch this space
Terri Cooper is developing a new initiative which assists unemployed people to network and connect with potential employees as well as supporting people who are finally ready to step out and start up their own business.
To contribute or to find out more... Terri Cooper Networking Events []

There are many things in your life that will catch your eye, but only a few that will catch your heart...persue those


Have a great month... be motivated and optimistic!

Achieve your goals - Tap your intuition

Roslyn Loxton - Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How will your life be better once you have set and achieved goals?

Being fully aware of the bigger picture being effected, and the real emotional attachment you have to your goal will be your motivation driving you through the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

You can find the motivation you will need for any goal if you ask why, what will this mean to me?  What will it mean to me if I don’t achieve this goal?

Motivation, once you’ve found it, is the fuel to act on your heart’s desires. You must find motivation to move your goals from a thought process, to your heart’s desire. To begin the process of finding your motivation, complete this interview. Why? Because it will help you discover what motivates you:

·        What are my goals and when do I want them to be achieved?

·        Why are these goals important to me?

·        Why must I reach this goal?

·        How will my life be better by achieving this goal?

·        What am I not prepared to do and what am I prepared to do to achieve this goal?

You have started the process of exposing the motivating reasons behind the goals you’ve created. This information is paramount because the reasons driving your desire to accomplish these five most important goals reveal the motivating elements behind your entire life. Do you see a recurring statement in the purpose of the goals you have created?  When you step back a bit, can you see a recurring theme?

Often the goals we create are messages from our intuition that we have tended to shut down in our new Technological era: become healthier, smarter, love more, learn, become more spiritual. What message can you discern from the motivation behind your goals?

To help you get started, have a Clarity and Focus coaching session with Great Thinking, call or email Ros:
M: 0400 292 355

Success Tips

Roslyn Loxton - Thursday, January 29, 2009

Success Tip

Compliments of Dale Beaumont Newsletter

Today's success tip comes from Lisa Messenger.

With a background in sponsorship, marketing and PR, Lisa is currently the managing director of Messenger Marketing and Messenger Publishing. She is also the author of two books, with a six-part series of books soon to be released

What are your top tips for success?

1. Dream big -

chase your dreams until they become reality and don't be afraid of your passions. If you believe in them enough, you will find an inner strength to achieve them.

2. Don't procrastinate -

try not to postpone anything for the wrong reason. If you have to put something off, make sure it's because the time really isn't right, not because you're too afraid to start.

3. Ban negative thinking -

become aware of the negative patterns you are perpetuating and de-program them. Replace them with positive habits to create a new way of living.

4. Maintain a positive outlook -

believe that you can take on the world - you can! Remain focused and don't let anyone drag you down. Wherever possible, break from convention and take risks.

5. Find a level of inner peace -

believe in a higher power that will take you beyond your emotional and intellectual boundaries. You may surprise yourself by how exciting the journey of personal discovery can be.

6. Find a strong team -

surround yourself with the best people. Create a brilliant team with brilliant minds.

7. Dump -

leave behind anything you are not passionate about. Pursuing ideas that don't sit well with your personal philosophy or ethics is a waste of time and a drain on your energy.

8. Delegate -

pass on anything that doesn't require top-level strategic thinking. That way you can keep yourself clear for important projects, to think and to dream.

9. De-stress -

deal with any issues that could become unmanageable as they arise. I have found that this is a great way to alleviate stress. I have also found it useful to create an effective 'switch-off' mechanism when I'm out of the office. I have an extremely full life with golf, tennis, boxing, kayaking, writing (I am currently working on a novel and co-authoring six non-fiction books), meditation, walking and going to the movies to keep me de-stressed. I'll pretty much try anything once and have managed to create an amazing work/life balance.

10. Know who you are and what you want -

I can now say that I am content and accepting of who I am. I now have a greater awareness of my values and my beliefs. I think it is important to look deep within yourself to realise who you truly are, where you came from and what made you the person you are today. 

11. Love what you do -

if you don't like what you are doing now, change it! Refuse to live a discontented life.

12. Never give up -

sometimes knowing what we want is the hardest part of life. But when I know what it is that I want, I have an uncanny knack of never giving up until I have made it happen. I have so many dreams and never want to close myself off to opportunities. I suppose that is the true essence of an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Tips and Bits 09 New Year edition

Roslyn Loxton - Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fear does not have any special power unless you give it power by submitting to it - Les Brown

What success is

I'd love to hear from you as to what your idea of success is - email or post it in the forum section of my website -

I believe, success is self mastery.  To know yourself and to know how to get the best from your self.
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing your goals and values.  Knowing your limits and your boundaries.  Knowing your love language.  Knowing your personality profile and communication style.  Then, knowing others.

Every thing you are against, weakens you.  Everything you are for, empowers you - Wayne Dyer

A body of work

Some basics
Don't you love to turn around and look at the freshly mown lawn that you've labored over.  You made the effort to get fuel, get the mower, organize when to mow and then you mowed.  It is work and the result of your effort is very rewarding.
My point is, you know how good it will look, you make the effort and you get rewarded.
You don't mow half the yard, and you don't have the blades on a setting that barely makes a difference.
What about your body?  What about doing what is required to see good results.
Muscle burns fat.  Build your muscle in order for your body to be way more efficient at burning fat.
Get fitter - Fit is about how well your engine runs
Prioritise regular exercise at least 4 times a week - Prioritizing it is harder then doing it
Eat 6 times a day.  Not huge portions please, it stops snacking and lets your body know it doesn't need to store
Eat the right foods - Less processed and more natural

Lifes problems wouldn't be called hurdles if there wasn't a way to get over them

Did you know

That American presidents age twice as fast whilst in office.  Stress!
I believe this would be similar with any high stress position or lifestyle.
Managing Stress is pretty vital seeing it is in most of our lives.  We start to accept hectic as normal.  It's not!
We lose sight of ourself and become task managers, moving from task to task filing the gaps in with small grabs of R & R.
We let ourself become defined by what is external from us or what our job title is or material things we own or wear.
So if I ask you, who you are, what is your answer?

No Pain No Gain

Our bodies are very skilled at having a mind of there own. 
A workout for example, we decide to be good to ourself and work out with grand intentions of self improvement.  Once our heart rate increases too much beyond comfortable or our muscles start to burn, we back off the steam to return to a more comfortable level of exertion, exercising at a more comfortable pace though still hoping for great results.  When the results don't come, we let the exercise slip way down on the list of priorities.
In order to gain real benefits and make the effort actually worth while, we need to push past the want to stop at the onset of the pain barrier in order to stay in the fat burning range long enough to make it count. That is why personal trainers were invented, they get more out of you then you will get out of yourself. 
The same can be said for the rest of our life.  If we are to strive for things beyond average we need to push through the pain barriers, push beyond our comfort zones, and for long enough to make it count!  That's why Life Coaches were invented.

Many have given up on the brink of success not realising just how close they were to reaching it!

Midnight Snack - Guilt free

This is not just for the girls...

1 tub of weight watchers cottage cheese
1 table spoon of jam (Charles Jacquin - Red Raspberry)
Use a good jam that has no sugar, preservatives or flavours

Stir it together and eat it
Spread nice and thick on a piece of rye toast

energy and pesistence conquer all things

Get off to a good start

Happy New Year!
Now is a great time to write down what you would like to achieve in 2009 and why

Set some goals - Get them down in writing
Identify your emotional attachment to them - what is in it for you that will motivate you beyond your comfort zone
Strategise how it will roll out in order to be achieved - the milestones
Diaries these actions on a weekly basis - the baby steps
Get some accountability to keep you on track - a friend or a coach
Be aware of your habitual limits or your comfort zone - don't let it stop you from moving forward

We don't see the world as it is
We see it as we think it is
We can't out perform our self perception or image

Ha ha ha

One of the most successful inventors was the person who invented the hay-bailer, needless to say they made a bundle.


The absolute best time and money you can ever spend is on self improvement
Learn how you tick, how to get more out of yourself and life
How to bridge the gap between what you have and what you want
Sharpen your tools 
Stretch yourself beyond your normal activities and organize a Coaching for Clarity and Focus session with Ros
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
Contact details:      m:0400 292 355

Have a spectacular month, just decide your going to!